We’re excited to kick off the first episode of the Wedding Vendors podcast.

The Wedding Vendors podcast is going to be the audio/conversational component of weddingvendorspodcast.com. It will feature either a discussion with myself ( Jesse Hanson)  where I’ll dive into a specific wedding planning topic, or an interview where I’ll have a chat with an expert wedding vendors in the industry.

You can listen to the podcast in iTunes here or simply by clicking the “play” button on the audio file at the top of this blog post.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Bi-Weekly podcast, released every other Thursday morning (subject to change)
  • Intro will be myself, introducing the topic of the podcast
  • There will be either an interview with an expert of business specialist or a discussion topic that I will host
  • Outro will be myself, wrapping up the topic and filling in any gaps

Show Notes

Show notes are basically a blog post here on weddingvendorspodcast.com, where we’ll share discussion topics from the interview, links and other relevant information that is brought up during the podcast episode. This way, you don’t have to worry about making notes or writing down links as you listen – you can simply enjoy!

The show notes will always be at http://www.weddingvendorspodcast.com/episode#, so for the first episode, the show notes live here (this page). The show notes will also contain the embedded podcast episode at the top of the page, so if you feel like listening here on our website instead of through iTunes, you’re more than welcome to!

Discussion Topics

This episode features a discussion with Jesse discussion topics include:

  • why this podcast exists
  • who we are going to talk to
  • who we are
  • why should you listen


Jesse’s website, FB, Instagram

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