The Unplugged Wedding

Today we are talking about the unplugged wedding, we also talk about what are some of the ways to help tell guests

to keep their phones down during the wedding ceremony. We suggest the nicest and most effective way possible, and give specific options to achieve this.

As Brides and Grooms may or may not know, as a Wedding Photographer one of the most nerve-wracking events is when a guest completely destroys the picture perfect moment you’ve been hired to capture.

Whether guesses stand up in the aisle during the first kiss, take photos with their ipad in front of your camera, or inadvertently cause half the family to look off to the side during posed family portraits, wedding photo bombs can be a real headache. We suggest having having an,

“Unplugged Wedding”


Why you should have an unplugged wedding?

If the photos above were not enough of a reason, then think about your guests and why you want them to be there. You want them to be there to enjoy the moment, enjoy the moment of you getting married, to forget about everything and just be there. There is no need for guests to be checking their phone, there is no need for guest to take photos, you have hired a professional wedding photographer.

Tips to let guesses that this is an unplugged wedding.

Once you’ve decided that an unplugged wedding is the way to go and how you’re going to do it you have to think about how you’re going to tell everyone. Here are a few options.

You could include a  note with your wedding invitations to ask people to respect your wishes.

Or you could ask your celebrant to announce it to your guests before you walk down the aisle.

Or what about using a chalk board or a pretty sign?

Wording for wedsites & programs

If you’re sharing wedding information online with guests via a wedding website, you can warn give them some perspectives before the wedding about why you’re asking them to leave their devices off:

Final Thoughts.

Speak to your photographer to make sure there is a way for your wedding guests to be able to see your wedding photos online. I use password protected client galleries and email the link out to my couples once the photos have been added. Then you can pass the link and password to your photos onto your friends and family when it suits you. And because there’s a password on your gallery you’ve got control over who sees your photos.

This way you get your day captured naturally the way you’ve always wanted it and your guests get to relax and enjoy your day with you too.

Are you thinking about having an unplugged wedding? Send us an email we would  love to hear from you and always reply, and we may also share on the show. Remember to let us know if you want to remain anonymous.




Discussion Topics:

  • How to talk to guests about an unplugged wedding.
  • How to let the officiant let your guests know this is an unplugged wedding.
  • Some fun signs you can display for the unplugged wedding.


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