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The Unplugged Wedding Today we are talking about the unplugged wedding, we also talk about what are some of the ways to help tell guests to keep their phones down during the wedding ceremony. We suggest the nicest and most effective way possible, and give specific options to achieve this. As Brides and Grooms may or may not know, as a Wedding Photographer one of the most nerve-wracking events is when a guest completely destroys the picture perfect moment you’ve been hired to capture. Whether guesses stand up in the aisle during the first kiss, take photos with their ipad in front of your camera, or inadvertently cause half the family to look off to the side during posed family portraits, wedding photo bombs can be a real headache. We suggest having having […]

Wedding Vendors Podcast - Bridal Fantasy - Fargo, ND


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Bridal Fantasy Event I had a great opportunity to talk with  Brittany Zimmerman from Bridal Fantasy. She is one of the board members of the amazing group. Here is a quote from the Bridal Fantasy page.   Your wedding day is the most important day ever! The vendors at Bridal Fantasy Show make it the best! We are a group of local businesses who share experience and passion for perfection. Not just any business can sign up for a booth. New vendors must prove they are some of the best at what they do. Be confident our vendors will make your day unforgettable!     Join us for a fun and exciting afternoon and experience a bridal show unlike any other! Winning is the best… and winning a honeymoon is a Sunday well […]