1.Pick your wedding party

2.Start the guest list

3.Hire a planner, if desired


  1. Pick your wedding party


  • The reality is, you can’t choose everyone, and between your siblings, your cousins, your childhood friends, your high school besties and your college roommates, you’re going to need to make some cuts.
  • Put yourself first. Don’t let others decide/persuade you otherwise
  • Don’t make your primary focus the equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen (balanced look for pictures)
  • Don’t feel obligated to have someone in your wedding party just because you were in theirs
  • Brides.com has a funny but applicable hypothetical scenario…who would you be OK with being stuck in an elevator with for a long time?  Think about that and when emotions run high and low, who will be there for you and vis versa?  Think about it!…:)
  • IMO only- it’s not about who is there for you then and now (life pulls our loved ones in different directions at different times) it’s about who’s been there for you for the long hall/overall
  • In most cases, family is forever when considering siblings/relatives in your wedding
  • No take-bakes after you ask.
  • The earlier the better to ask those you’ve chosen.
  1. Start the guest list
  • You’ve most likely envisioned the size of your wedding, and as we discussed on EP 22, the budget is a recommend place to start for many reasons, including helping shape how big your small your wedding guest list may be

o   A small wedding is generally around 50-75 people.[1]

o   The average wedding is around 150 people.[2]

o   A large wedding is 200 people or more.

  • The venue may also depict how many people you are able to invite
  • Decide if you want to invite children or not

o   This is not a steadfast rule, if you chose to have an adult only wedding but have children in your lives that are close to you- invite them!  It’s your wedding, and your justifications

  • Remember everyone you invite will come with a plus one or family (depending on if you are inviting children)
  • Establish rules/guidelines for who you are going to invite, and present these to your family if applicable
  • You, your partner, and if it falls into your dynamic your parents should make guests lists of who you want to invite (remembering not to overlap family members on each list)
  • IMO throw out this traditional rule- advised that both sides of the family invite the same number of guests- invite guests based on your circumstances and preferences instead
  • Have open conversations of who you would miss if they were not in attendance (assuming them are able to attend)
  • If you need to trim down the invite list here are suggested categories:

o   Immediate family members

o   Extended family members

o   Close friends

o   Work mates or colleagues

  • Some people have a second list of invites…will discuss further on the podcast

o   Make sure that you send out your first round of invitations early enough so that you can send out a second round later.

  • Invite some guests to the reception only, or event dance and dessert only.


Hiring a Wedding Planner – Celebration Concentration


Helping people create a successful event makes my heart smile. Listening to what you want and asking questions will help us develop an outstanding outcome. Planning occasions is the place where my meticulous attention to detail shines. With each unforeseen issue we may encounter, there is a solution. Recently, I completed an Event Planner course accredited by ICOES.  My educational background in Organizational Leadership (M.A.), and hotel management taught me how to design events consistently and efficiently. Continuously learning from individuals and experiences helps me make the best even better.

It’s time for you to simply celebrate!


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