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Reserve your date

You can plan your wedding around a season, a location, or a special date. If you are set on a specific venue, make sure to book it well in advance. Consider the budget of the wedding, the availability of the guests, and how much time you will need to plan your wedding. Remember: you and your fiance are going to celebrate this anniversary for the rest of your lives—so pick something special.


Consider whether there are any specific dates that are special to you and your significant other.  – I’d be sure we paraphrase this section so we don’t do do much repeating from the info listed directly above. 🙂 Let’ do a nice blend of the two

Many wedding dates are related to a special day, like a birthday, the first day that you met, your first date to the movies, or the first time you kissed. If you really want a specific date, begin planning and calling around to venues and vendors you want to hire as early as possible. Wedding dates can be booked at least a year to several years in advance depending on the demand at a particular venue.

For example, perhaps your dating anniversary date falls on a Saturday in June. Consider choosing that date so that your wedding date will always be the same as your dating anniversary.

If a particular venue is more important to you than the date, start there!

Plan around your honeymoon, if you plan to take one.

If you know that you want to take your honeymoon in a specific place during a specific season, it may behoove you to pick a wedding date that fits with those plans. For example: if you are set upon a honeymoon in Thailand, you probably don’t want to go during the monsoon season, from July to October — so you might plan a spring wedding

Pick the season or the month in which you’d like to get married.

If you are not too picky about a certain date, then begin to think about your favorite times of the year. Is there any month or season in which you would like to get married? The time of the year can affect your venue, wedding colors, theme, and even the menu, so it is an important first step. Once you’ve decided on spring, summer, fall, or winter, you can narrow it down to a certain month.

Look at your schedule for the month. Do you have any prior commitments, important or inescapable conflicts? First and foremost, eliminate any days where the two of you will be busy or unavailable.

Consider the day of the week.

Saturday is the most popular day to get married, and consequently it usually the most expensive time slot. Depending on the venue, you may need to pay a premium to reserve a spot on a Saturday. Many couples are choosing to marry on off-days: Fridays, Sundays, or even midweek. Being flexible about the day of the week can make your wedding much cheaper than it would be otherwise.

If a decent amount of people are traveling to your wedding they will be taking additional time of any way.  Friday’s can be less expensive for a variety of vendors

Decide whether you want to be married indoors or outdoors.

If you want to get married outdoors, it is especially important to consider the season. Think about the gown. If the bride has a dream gown in mind, it might not be appropriate for certain weather. For example, a velvet gown with fur trimming and long sleeves would make a hot summer wedding uncomfortable, as would a gauzy short-sleeved or sleeveless gown in the coldest part of winter.

Hair and makeup are considerations for the bride, bridal party and guests.  Seating and shade are very important for hot/humid days.


Wedding Venue


Things to consider when booking a wedding venue

Finding the perfect venue. here are our top things to consider when deciding where you and your special someone will celebrate your most important day.


Availability and Capacity

First of all, is the place where you want to get married available on the date you want? Many venues book at least a year (or more) in advance, so this is a big deal. If your favorite venue is in high demand and you get engaged one night, it’s worth calling the venue the next morning and asking, “What do you have available?” If your wedding date is flexible, all the better. If not, keep searching until you find a place you like that’s open.

If you have a round number of people who will be attending, make sure the venue can accommodate your ideal guest count. Sometimes venues are simply too small to fit in all your friends and family, and, of course, you want there to be room for everyone to sit down or stand up, eat cake, and celebrate.

What is included in the venue? What are the extras, and what additional vendor services do they offer directly or do they have recommendations?  I will talk in more detail about the well oiled machine.

Is the venue flexible?



Who will your guests be? Many brides and grooms have relatives or friends in wheelchairs or with special needs, and it’s important that everyone is able to easily get into the venue, view the ceremony, and enjoy the reception. Or have a backup plan for how to make this a comfortable experience for all guests!


 Wedding Venue Questionnaire – Download Here


Book your Officiant/Pastor/Priest


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