Researching and reserving your DJ or Live Band.

Interview with Corey Hansen- Take the Leap Entertainment

The first thing a couple should do is to decide how a band would be used for their wedding

There are some bands that are set up to play a wide variety of music to accommodate the variety of guests with various ages and tastes in music,

  •       Instrumental ensemble. An instrumental ensemble is an elegant choice, and is usually most suitable for   before and after the ceremony itself, the cocktail hour and the wedding breakfast. …
  •       Jazz and Blues band
  •       Latin band
  •       Swing band
  •       Celtic band
  •       Steel drum band
  •       Pop group
  •       Rock band.

Bands that play at weddings versus a bar will have different types of music.  The timelines are different for bands playing a wedding versus an entertainment venue. The band will need to understand the different volume levels to play music for different portions of the reception.  The song choice should follow suit.

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Hiring a DJ


Next to the wedding ceremony, your wedding reception is the biggest part of your wedding day and aside from the food and drink, the most important part of your wedding reception is the music. In the United States it has become very common to use a Disc Jockey (DJ) to provide the music and emcee at wedding receptions. Finding a DJ for your reception is probably going to be a bit more complicated but a lot more important decision than you may think.


Finding the right DJ


Finding the right DJ is essential to having a great wedding reception, the other most important thing to look for in hiring a DJ is their personality. They really should be someone that will fit in comfortably with you and your guests and be able to develop a rapport with everyone during the reception. People should feel comfortable with the DJ and he should be someone you feel will go to extra lengths to be friendly and talk nicely with your guests as they will probably be talking to the DJ and asking for requests throughout the whole reception.


There is a flow to wedding receptions and a professional, experienced wedding DJ that has done many receptions is familiar with how receptions proceed, the traditions, and how to emcee and keep your reception moving along and keep your guests happy and dancing. There is also nobody that can save your reception faster when something goes wrong, food gets delayed, or other things happen, than a really experienced wedding reception DJ. Most of the time your guests will never know of a problem as the DJ has kept them entertained while the problem was fixed.


What to ask and expect from your DJ

OK, you’ve done your homework and you’ve found your perfect DJ. He’s got a lot of experience, has done a lot of weddings, and you get along with him well personally and you’re ready to meet in person. There are a few things you should go over with and look for from your DJ, and a good one will want to go over these with you to ensure a smooth and memorable reception.


Should I use a band or a DJ?


There are a lot of pro’s and cons to both in deciding on whether to use either a band or a DJ for the music at your reception. In a nutshell the choice boils down to what kind of musical feel and experience you want for your reception and the amount of money you want to spend. Let’s talk for just a minute about wedding bands to illustrate the major differences and see if maybe that’s the way you want to go, then we’ll get back to DJ’s. The same rules of thumb will apply to finding and hiring either and to the contracts and what you should ask for and expect for from both.

What about feeding your vendors?


Find out if your DJ wants to eat and include that in the contract. Some DJ’s will want to be fed, others will not want to eat while they are working, so find out in advance so you can order another meal, and put it in the contract.- find out about their breaks, and usually it’s a good idea for a couple to decide if they are feeding all or none of their vendors. Be kind feed your vendors.


You will probably spend at least 10 hours talking to your DJ before your wedding day and consulting with them on the specifics of the reception and everything you want. Remember if you choose the right one they will be very experienced, they will be able to guide you through the whole process and you will have the wedding reception of your dreams and one that you will want to remember for a lifetime!



Interview with Corey Hanson- Take the leap Entertainment


Corey Hansen - Take the leap entertainment - Wedding Vendors Podcast


Bio: Corey’s passion for music and entertaining began at an early age, in the first grade he joined the choir and began playing the trumpet just a few years later. His love grew during his teenage years through participation in marching band, swing choir, jazz band, the list goes on. Corey would stay up all hours of the night listening to the radio just to hear one song.


In 2010, he was the best man in a friends wedding and the rest is history. The owner of the DJ company entertaining the wedding approached him and commented on his knowledge of the music lyrics and enthusiasm during the dances. He asked Corey if he’d like to learn how to DJ and Corey took a “leap” of faith and tagged along for a wedding. He was hooked and couldn’t wait for the next event!


Eventually, Corey made the decision to leave corporate America and start his own DJ company. After his own wedding, Corey became even more aware of how important it is to have a DJ that is passionate, caring, and experienced and those values are why his clients hire him today. He’s entertained almost 300 weddings and loves every minute of his job!


Corey Hansen - Take the leap entertainment - Wedding Vendors Podcast

(About company) My mission statement: To entertain the best quality service, through event engagement and client personalization, that will be equal to or surpass my own epic wedding reception.



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Dynamic, Light-hearted, Enthusiastic 


Something Interesting about me: My first CD was Backstreet Boys.











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