7 Steps to a stress free Wedding



Let’s talk about budgeting, you may or may not have a macro budget or an overall budget yet. If you
have a set amount of money to work with then that is your macro budget. If you do not and you’re open
to range you will need to work that range down or up depending on what you want prior to starting
your buying process. So, in other words you need to figure out your budget range is going to be
A Note about Budgets: I rarely RARELY meet a Bride who starts and stays on Budget. It is hard as
most Brides have never bought all of the wedding “stuff” before. There is great reasoning for the price
that vendors charge; Experience, Service, Quality have nothing to do with price. Quality Wedding
Vendors , Experienced Wedding Vendors, and Wedding Vendors who provide top-notch service are
worth their weight in Gold on your wedding day.

Prior to starting the buying process, because you don’t want to come back and have that budget
range affected by a bad decision that doesn’t fit in with your budget. This is important to do prior to
your buying process. In the 7 step process the buying process or execution of your plan is step 6, almost
the last thing for you to do. You will be buying with more emotion, and lets face it 99% of wedding
services and products are emotional purchases, or purchases you buy more in emotion rather than
need, and will over spend your limit.

It is important for you to plan and focus on the items and services you really want and will enjoy the
most for your wedding. It is further important to have a budget so you don’t get close to the wedding
day and have to try to cut things that are important out of the budget. I say try because you may by then
be contractual obligated to the item that you are looking to cut out. Case in point, a caterer I know once
had a mother of the bride call three days before the wedding and start cutting out things she had
contracted for. The caterer could not cancel these items since she had already committed to renting
them from a rental agency. The rental agency would not cancel. The reason they would not cancel was
because it was highly unlikely that they would be able to rent out this particular item this close to the
day of the rental. There was only 3 days out and they had already turned away other people that
wanted to rent it because they had a reservation from the caterer. The mother of the bride was
unreasonably angry and tried to take the caterer to small claims court which she not only lost but had to
pay for the court cost as well as the bill for the item which she ended up not using. The day of the
wedding was an icy feeling between the caterer and the mother of the bride, the bride herself was
embarrassed and very apologetic to the caterer. After all was said and done the bride sent a thank you
note to the caterer.


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