Interview with Erika with a K Designs


What is your style?

Classic? Glamorous? Bohemian? Minimalist?

What are the general colors you want, try to be open-minded and use the color palette as a guideline

Instead of “gray and white” for example, think of a “neutrals” color palette consisting of ivory, beige, and colors with gray undertones, like charcoal, olive green, and khaki – use the more generalized wording for google searches

Depending on what the budget will allow, you can cover your essentials and then add extras to enhance your décor style.


What beauty is built within your venue?  You picked it because you loved the way it looked, so believe it or not that is also a décor decision to CHECKED off the list!  Take into account built-in accent walls, landscaped gardens, fountains, stained glass windows, lighting fixtures, or ceiling beams. Consider how you can design your wedding decor to highlight those details, and how you can benefit from using them

If your venue is outdoors, such as a beach, lakefront, or anywhere with a view, you may not need much decor to begin with. In fact, going overboard with decor could detract from your venue’s scenery

Get ahold of as many pictures a possible from previous wedding at your chosen venue to inspire you!

Wedding décor checklist

Ceremony, Reception, Table Decor and Centerpieces, Reception Seating, Backdrops, Lighting

Start with essentials (these are your choices) such as when/where people sit for your ceremony and reception…what does that look like!

Some décor essentials: ceremony aisle markers, the altar backdrop, reception centerpieces, table numbers, and table linens (if you want them). While none of these items are must-haves in terms of functionality, they play a big role in transforming the look and feel of your wedding space, especially centerpieces

Secondary essentials: place cards (maybe upgraded if they are an essential), menu, extra lights, a love quote published somewhere

Then sprinkle in the extras only if the budget allows (Molly with give more examples)


Floral Choices for your wedding ( trending)


Choosing wedding flowers that fit your style and match your color palette isn’t always easy—especially if you don’t know a dahlia from a daisy.


Here’s everything you need to know about the most popular wedding flowers (cost, season, meanings and color choices), plus hundreds of photos of each bloom in bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres from real weddings you can show your florist and use for inspiration.


Influenced by the seasons, design styles, and personal preferences, wedding bouquet trends are ever-changing—and we’re expecting another shift in florals come 2019. We asked the experts in all things budding blooms to foresee the wedding flower trends that on the horizon in the coming year. 2019 brides, listen up!


A defining element to your bridal style, your bouquet can add a pop of color to a traditional getup or complement an alternative wedding vibe. Whether overflowing with greenery, highlighting a single stem, or full of local blooms, your bouquet is an arrangement unique to you and your day—but of course, you’ll want to stay on top of the current floral trends, too. Luckily, we’ve brought you a forecast of 2019’s biggest bouquet trends.


If you’re currently planning your 2019 nuptials, we suggest you take a look at this list of wedding flower trends that are sure to blossom in the coming year.


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