Wedding Registry and Hotel Block

Show Notes – Episode 34

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Wedding Registry!


Select 2-4 different places to register.  Use Sites like WayFair and Amazon if you want to have those one stop shop and sometimes free shipping options for guests.


  • High tech items (will give examples)


  • Unique gifts/experiences (will give examples)
  • Charitable giving
  • If children is definitely part of your future, set up a fixed savings account for guests to contribute to a college fund for your to-be child
  • Kitchen items- Jesse tell the listeners if you used all your kitchen gifts or if they are still sitting boxed up/never used
  • Note- don’t feel pressured to purchase items you will NEVER use/ just not your style
  • Items for dining room, hallways, outdoor spaces, bedroom and bath
  • Honeymoon idea- excursions, travel books, luggage tags, toiletry bags
  • Gift cards (can’t go wrong)




Hotel Block-

Sarah from “ The Element Hotel”


When deciding on booking a block of rooms the average number of rooms is about 10 rooms.

This gives guest and the hotel enough space for all family.


They also offer upgrades to rooms as well, and a Marriott Membership that has some pretty good perks.


TruBlu is a restaurant close to the hotel since it does not have a bar or an event space, TruBlu is a great place for grooms dinners and a bar atmosphere.


The timeline for booking is about 4-8 months but can always go longer.


This is a family hotel, welcoming all family with amenities such as bunk beds and rooms that can occupy 10 people.


A great location just off the interstate in fargo and veterans BLVD


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