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Interview with Sonja Babich


Sonja Babich is the Associate Publisher for Minnesota Bride.  Sonja brings a wealth of bridal experience to Minnesota Bride. In addition to her sales and marketing role, her duties included filling the day to day operations and the main wedding planner role for countless Minnesota Brides.


I am a COBBER! Proud alum of class of 2010! Very involved with planning Concordia’s 2009 Homecoming and doing those fun Corn Feeds! Double Major in Art-Studio & Communications!

About Sonja-

She acts as the lead with Client / Vendors for Minnesota Bride. Also – oversee the primary aspects of Minnesota Bride for print + digital ad space, and www.mnbride.com. / To help connect Brides to our Clients / Vendors.

Interview Questions we asked Sonja-

Magazine background

Who started the magazine and why?

How long has the magazine been around?  Did it used to be called something differently?

What is the general feel and tone of the issues? (meaning magazine issues) What does the team shoot for?

Do you have much of a social media following, and do you feel this conflicts at all with the physical magazine issues?

We are inspirational, and trendy! We are up to speed what is happening in the wedding industry with style and trends. Help communicate to our bridal couples what is in and not in, and also give guidance / advice to help plan their perfect day.


How many issues of the MN Bride Magazine are printed-

    • 60,000 magazines are distributed all over MN.
    • 30,000 Visits on our Website Monthly / They come back to use us as a resource to find their vendors / inspirations / wedding ideas / guidance.
    • Over 32,000 followers and growing on our social media platforms.
    • 200,000 pinterest pins are being pinned from our pinterests boards a month! That’s crazy!


Get In Contact with Sonja

Web – https://mnbride.com/

Instagram – Sonja_at_MNBride



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