Honeymoon Hunting

Where to start

Budget, budget, or and, budget

Be specific about what type of honeymoon you both want. (white sandy beach, backpacking through the mountains, egyption pyramids, etc.)



According to Wedding Paper Divas 40% of couples wait 13 to 18 months between “Yes!” and “I do” giving them ample time to plan the optimal honeymoon.


6-8 months prior, especially if you’re planning to go to a specialized resort, as premium rooms book up early.  I would recommend earlier, as would a travel agent.


Airline reservations generally open 330 days in advance and the lowest prices almost always sell out first. This is particularly important for travel during holidays and peak seasonal periods.


Cruise lines open reservations more than a year in advance. Book early for the best cabin selection. The same goes for resorts.


Destination weddings roll all of the wedding and honeymoon planning together, so more time is needed for more details. Plus, you’ll want to give guests more advance notice to plan their own travel.


You’ll pay an initial deposit to hold your reservations and final payment will be due about 90 days before travel. More time between the two allows you to pay the balance in installments.


Going right after the wedding versus waiting a few weeks/months


We can’t answer that for you, because your lives are all uniquely different:


I will read some considerations from this page

Reminder to mention the best or cheapest time to travel to your particular destination and how that factors into your decision


How long should the honeymoon be?

How long can it be is a better question to ask!

The average honeymoon lasts 8 days.

We can chat about weighing the decision with how much time you can take of work versus how long you want to wait after the wedding




  • Start Early to Get the Best Prices. Wondering when to book a honeymoon? …
  • Work Together. …
  • Don’t Copy Someone Else’s Honeymoon Itinerary. …
  • Be Specific About What You Want. …
  • Don’t Rely Entirely on Web Research. …
  • Consider Using a Travel Agent. …
  • Set Aside an Appropriate Budget for the Honeymoon. …
  • Be Aware of Hidden Costs.

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