Select bridesmaid’s dresses and

meeting with the Wedding Officiant

1. Begin by browsing.

Start off by doing some research. it’s a good idea to tear out pages or save images to your inspiration board to help zero in on the colors and styles you like best.

Be open minded with your gals!  Get their input!

2. Keep costs in mind.

If any of your friends have been in the bridal party before, they’ll know bridesmaids pay for their own dresses. But a gentle reminder is never a bad idea. When it comes to price, try to be considerate of your friends’ lifestyles. If you’re concerned your wedding might be a financial burden for one or more of your bridesmaids, focus your search on dresses in a more affordable range, or select a color you like and let them pick their own style. Another idea: Take a cue from the guys and consider renting your bridesmaid dresses.


4. Stick to a schedule.


5. Ordering etiquette.

It can sometimes take up to six months for orders to arrive and four to six weeks for alterations. A six to eight month cushion will give you and your friends ample time to find and order the dresses and get them fit.

6. Find the right fit.

A bridesmaid dress is typically ordered using a person’s biggest measurements If a friend wants to buy a size smaller, let her know it’s much easier to alter a larger dress, and if the dress ends up being too small, she’ll likely have to order a new one and you’d hate for that to happen.

7. Select a dress shade.

One of the easiest methods is to play off the color scheme of your palette, the venue and the season. Rich colors—marsala and emerald—work well in the fall and winter months, while lighter shades—mint and lavender—are perfect for spring and summer. If you’re still at a loss for exactly which hue to choose, go for a general color, like green, and let your bridesmaids pick their favorite shades from light to dark for a trendy, mismatched look. Want to push the envelope even further? Consider prints—floral-print bridesmaid dresses are hot right now. Just remember: Patterns work best in smaller parties and should be paired with simple accessories. Or, you could opt for an all-white bridal party,


  1. Find complementary colors.

Also, think about choosing a shade that goes well with a variety of skin tones. Stonewashed colors, like blush, greige (a combination of gray and beige) and sand, are universally flattering and right on trend. Jewel tones (think amethyst, emerald and sapphire) complement fairer complexions, while brighter, bolder hues, like cobalt blue and hot pink, pop against darker skin. Want an 0edgier feel? Try flattering metallics, like silver, bronze and champagne. mismatched sequin dresses—that way your girls can choose a shade that suits them.

9. Consider lingerie logistics.

Remind your girls to get the right undergarments. Depending on the style of dress (read: strapless or one shoulder), your bridesmaids may need some special support. Trust us—even the most amazing dress can look unflattering with the wrong bra. In addition to a new bra, each bridesmaid might also need a specific panty or body shaper.

Marriage Preparation – With a Priest

Part One: Marriage Preparation Courses

The Archdiocese requires that couples complete some sort of marriage course. The priest would recommend a course suitable to the capacity of the couple.


I present – briefly – one of the talks that I give at the CAEC preparation course. It is entitled, The Beauty of Marriage, and focuses on the three goods of marriage. The other talk entitled, The Covenant of Marriage, focuses on the two properties of marriage.


Part Two: Meeting with the Couple

We should not underestimate the impact that we can have in helping the couple deepen their understanding of what they are about to enter into. Likewise, we should not underestimate their capacity to engage with the material they receive at preparation courses and with us in our meetings with them.


One of the interesting statistics to come out of the recent Archdiocesan Report to Rome is the fact that while marriage rates continue to languish at historical lows in Australia, nevertheless as a percentage of all Christian marriages, Catholic marriages are skyrocketing. Pope Benedict XVI has often spoken of the Church becoming a Creative Minority. Catholic marriage should be viewed in this light. Hence, the importance of adequate preparation.


Would you like to talk a little about your family situation? Would you say you have had a happy childhood?

Your relationship with mum and dad has been okay?

Would you say your family life has been relatively peaceful? Have violence, alcohol or drugs played a part in the family?

Has suffering been part of your experience in life to date?

Could you tell me a little about yourself – your strengths and weaknesses? What do you find joy in? What makes you sad? What are your goals in life? What is most important to you?

If you can, talk a little about past relationships and how they might differ from this one?

Tell me a little about your girlfriend/boyfriend – strengths and weaknesses? What makes them tick?

Who/What has formed your view of marriage? How do you understand marriage? Where do you want to be in 10/20/30 years?

Are you sure you can be faithful? Will he/she be faithful to you?

Are you looking forward to being a mum/dad? How do you see parenting?

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