Questions to ask when hiring a live band

Questions to ask when hiring a live band

  •       What are the band’s favorite songs to perform?
  •       What’s your playlist? Will you work with us on the song list?
  •       How many singers and instruments are available?

o      If you are nearing the top of your budget and the number of band members is flexible, this is one area you can negotiate.

o      Live bands are commonly more expensive then DJs

  •       What type of wardrobe do you wear to perform?
  •       Do you provide ceremony and cocktail hour music?
  •       How much space will the band need for members and equipment?

o      Be sure that your venue has enough space for the live band

  •       How many breaks will the band take and what will play when they’re on a break?
  •       How many hours are included and what are your costs?  Are there overtime fees?
  •       Do you have upcoming weddings or events?
  •       How often do you perform at weddings?
  •       What is your specialty?

o      Knowing what type of music the band specializes in will help you make a quick decision as to whether to hire them or not.

  •       Can we see a copy of your liability insurance?
  •       Who are your backups in case someone gets sick?
  •       How have you dealt with equipment failure in the past?
  •       Do you do more than one wedding a day?
  •       Are you familiar with our venue?
  •       Are you willing to take our special requests?
  •       Does someone act as the master of ceremonies?

o       Oftentimes the bandleader will be the master of ceremonies, but this is not something all bands just do. Some will charge an additional fee.

  •       Do you set up lights as well?
  •       How long will the set up take?
  •       Your Day-of Coordinator and/or venue will need this information. This may affect your day-of timeline.
  •       Who will do the setting up?
  •       Your Day-of Coordinator and/or venue will need this information.
  •       What equipment or instruments would we have to rent?

o       Although most bands will have all of their own equipment, for special requests, especially in song choices, you may need to rent some equipment for them.

  •       What are the terms of your cancellation policy?
  •       How many hours and breaks are included?
  •       Are we able to borrow your PA if you provide one?
  •       How do keep the energy up?
  •       Are you flexible with set times?

o       You may have a schedule on when certain dances will be taking place, times on entrances and so on, but most often, these things never go well according to the plan. How accommodating they are if a special guest may need to leave early or with other conditions.